Cleveland Bay Chemical Company (CBCC) is a chemical manufacturer located on land adjacent to the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant in Stuart, Townsville, North Queensland. 

It was formed in 2015 to purchase the operations of Bay Chemicals Pty Ltd. Bay Chemicals had being producing and supplying aluminium sulphate solution (liquid alum) to the local government authorities of North Queensland since its formation in 2003.  Liquid alum is principally used as a clarifying agent in water treatment both for drinking and sewerage waste water.

CBCC operations are unique in that it value adds for local consumption locally produced mining products, principally these include aluminium hydrate produced in Gladstone and sulphuric acid produced by Sun Metals in Townsville.

CBCC also repackages sulphuric acid in various concentrations according to customer requirements.

The Company also sources and supplies other water treatment and industrial chemicals for bulk and small scale supply.  These include aluminium based flocculants such as poly aluminium chlorohydrate, sodium hydroxide, sodium metabisulphite.

We are very proud of our Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2015) Systems accreditation. They are seen as an integral and essential components to our Company’s sustainability.

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