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Water and Waste Water Treatment

CBCC supplies many water treatment and waste water treatment plants in North Queensland. Local manufacturing utilising locally produced raw materials provides the opportunity for very competitive pricing. Our raw materials are priced at internationally traded rates and our transport costs are low because we are value adding locally produced mineral products. Our alum is produced using sulphuric acid sourced from our neighbour - Sun Metals and the aluminium trihydrate is from “a little further down the road” at Gladstone. Not only does this enable us to manufacture at a competitive cost it also means that the green house gas cost is lower because of the shorter transport routes.

Our alum is of the highest quality and is routinely used in drinking water treatment. We are ISO 9001 quality certified.
We also provide liquid alum to a number of industrial users and large or remote tourist or mine camp facilities.

Our sulphuric acid is supplied to a number of industrial end users. We can offer the best prices on sulphuric acid in Queensland. It is sourced from our near neighbour giving us low transport costs.

We also supply a range of other water treatment chemicals including sodium hydroxide, aluminium chlorohydrate (PAC 23).

Our life time of experience in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands means we understand the logistic and technical challenges in these areas. We can assist with any of your water treatment needs. We travel regularly to these regions so if you would like us to visit you on our next round to travels please ask.


With many years of mineral processing experience we understand the needs of the mining industry.

CBCC can offer you unparalleled service, competitive pricing and reliability of supply for any of your water treatment, process chemical or technical expertise needs.

Mineral processing or water treatment chemicals or professional consulting services.

We have extensive knowledge of supply chain logistics to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. We can assist in manufacture, sourcing and supply of a range of industrial bulk and repackaged chemicals.


We can assist you with your agricultural chemical needs. Being a small locally based company we have the capacity to offer personalised service utilising local logistics to supply your needs.

Tourist or Mine Camp Accommodation Facilities

Small waste water treatment plants – liquid alum, solid aluminium sulphate, aluminium chlorohydrate, polyelectrolytes. We can supply the lot.

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Supplies

We locally manufacture swimming pool clarifiers. They are not transported from Brisbane or further afield. Local manufacture of liquid alum provides real cost advantages.

We can supply liquid alum, aluminium chlorohydrate (PAC 23) in bulk quantities providing even greater savings.

We can also source a range of other pool maintenance chemicals including salt.

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